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3 Best Best Year of the Rabbit Makeups – New Year Makeup Guide 2023

January 11, 2023

Lunar New Year is around the corner. This year’s Spring Festival comes earlier than usual. Are you ready for the Spring Festival? In addition to the Spring Festival OOTD, the New Year makeup guide is indispensable. Since 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. Without much to say, hurry up to change the makeup of the beautiful women in the New Year. We just want to “start from scratch” and gather good luck in the New Year! Next, in the Year of the Rabbit makeup guide 2023, sharing with you the 3 best makeup styles to celebrate the New Year.


Best Year of the Rabbit Makeup 2023 

1. Blue eye shadow

On a snowy winter afternoon, the blue truncated eye makeup is very popular on the Internet recently. Highlight the blue eyeshadow of your eyes, give up the eyeliner and exaggerated false eyelashes, and you are the beautiful woman with beautiful oxygen feeling in winter. The matching degree of frostbite eye makeup and first snow in winter is 100%, and the atmosphere of snow elves is very tight.

-The eyes were cut off in blue+the tail was cold with small smoke, and the cheeks near the cheekbones and the powder blusher on the nose gave me a hard hit.

-If you want to feel a little more relaxed, you can use a cotton swab to dip a little dark brown eye shadow and poke it at the place where you hit powder blusher wildly.

-Of course, considering the technical difficulty of blue cut eye makeup, try to spread the whole eyelid with blue eye shadow. Blue eye shadow with some fine flashes can also make the overall atmosphere more modern.

-Bold girls can also add water diamonds and other elements on the basis of the blue eye shadow to make it more dazzling!

-The half stage is eyeliner makeup, which can not only enhance the atmosphere, but also be more friendly to Asians.

-Of course, you can also try the blue eyeliner makeup.


2. Red lipstick

Red mouth, lazy French makeup, is also the simplest new year makeup. This is a color aesthetics unique to the 1990s. The overall saturation is not as bright and bright as the current makeup style. The bottom makeup should not be too white. Like the Hong Kong stars or French roses in the 1990s, the healthy skin color and attractive red lipsticks complement each other.


3. Red eye makeup

At present, the redness is super lovable, which is very consistent with the temperament of the petite little princess. Because the focus is on the moment, eye makeup does not need to be too complicated. You can use a light earth color eye shadow to halo and dye it. Large areas of light pink powder blusher at the moment, focus on the sleeping silkworm, clean powder blusher at the corners of the eyes, and pay attention to the color transition from the corners of the eyes to the surrounding areas. Highlighting the lower eyelashes can render a delicate and pitiful atmosphere. In addition to the powder blusher at the moment, the red eyeliner makeup with a bit of funk and pure lust is also very eye-catching and can be used up and down. The upper eyeliner is relatively simple, and the inverted red eye makeup is the key, but it is actually very simple and easy to change.

-The eyeliner can be superimposed with eye shadow of two red tones, and the tail must be carefully pulled out and raised.

-The eyeliner can be superimposed with an eye shadow of two red tones, and the tail must be carefully pulled out and raised.

-The master version of sister can boldly try the red eye makeup with a slightly dewy feeling, and the little rabbit Y2K style.