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  • Choose a deep red colour for both your eyes and your lips
    Published by Ax March 16, 2022
    Choose a deep red colour for both your eyes and your lips,For a more theatrical look .This Otara red shimmer eyeshadow with  vegan & cruelty free formula can definitely in your list of customized shade.
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  • New arrivals of Otara eyeshadow palette
    Published by Ax March 15, 2022
    High-end transparent clear plastic lid can perfectly reveal the fine powder and shimmer shade inside. The compact is easy to preserve with magnetic closure. If you are more of a minimalist could high probably appreciate it  since it is simple and functional,originally shows the beauty of eyeshadow, rather than decorative.
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    Published by Ax March 7, 2022
    WHAT IS BAKED MAKEUP, AND ANY GOOD ABOUT IT? If you’ve ever come across baked makeup products, you will know they’re powders — but they’re made in a super unique way. They start as creams, which are slowly poured onto terracotta tiles in Tuscany and baked until they’re dry.    The result? A velvety-smooth powder that’s packed with minerals and other natural ingredients. Thanks to the baking process, baked makeup is lightweight and glides onto the skin like a dream. Otara experts explain how baked products help to cr......
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  • Lip Makeup-Lip Gloss
    Published by Ax November 6, 2020
    Lip gloss is a cosmetic used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre, and sometimes to add a subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid (not to be confused with lip balm, which generally has medical or soothing purposes or lipstick, which generally is a solid, cream like substance that gives off a more pigmented color.) The product is available in ranges of opacity from translucent to solid, and can have various frosted, glittery, glossy, and metallic finishes.
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  • Ingredients & Types of eyeshadow
    Published by Ax October 30, 2020
    Common ingredients in eye shadows consist of mica, which is a mineral that is used as a bulk of the powder, and makes most of the eyeshadow and also absorbs the moisture and makes the eyeshadow opaque in color. Zinc stearate, which is an ingredient that adds color and can be used to increase the thickness of the eyeshadow itself. Mica, is an ingredient that is added to give the eyeshadow shine and luster. sericite, magnesium stearate, colorants, and preservatives. Fillers in eye shadows are primarily talc. The liquid binders are typical......
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  • Introduction to Cosmetics(Makeup)
    Published by Ax August 10, 2020
    Cosmetics are inhabitable part of women’s lives in today’s world. It adds extra elegance to our appearance and makes us feel more comfortable and confident. Nowadays, there are varieties of cosmetics available in the market than ever before, it quite obvious to us that they play a crucial role in our day to day life. Cosmetics can be a curse and a blessing. It can verbalize highlights that need a boost and cover those that make us hesitant. It can feature the creativity the spirit and shed light to our faces like a paintbrush on a new ca......
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