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  • 2023 Best Guide of Eyeshadow Shades for Each Eye Color
    Published by ZN March 15, 2023
    It all starts with understanding how certain eyeshadows look with our eye color. It can be tempting to choose eye shadow shades based on personal preference or current trends, rather than considering how they will enhance your natural eye color. However, taking the time to understand which shades work best with your eye color can help you make more informed choices when selecting eye shadow palettes. One way to make the process easier is to look for palettes specifically designed to complement your eye color. Many makeup brands offer eye ......
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  • How To Apply Shimmery Eyeshadow By The Best & Easiest Way
    Published by ZN February 28, 2023
    Shimmery eyeshadow is a great option for anyone who wants to add some sparkle and shine to their eye makeup look. Shimmery eyeshadows come in a variety of colors, from gold and silver to bronze and copper, and can be used to create a range of makeup looks, from subtle and natural to bold and glamorous. Shimmery eyeshadow is great for special occasions or nights out, as it adds some drama and excitement to the eyes. A touch of shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye can also brighten and open up the eyes, making them appear large......
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  • 10 Sweet Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Looks For Valentine’s Day
    Published by ZN February 28, 2023
    Pink eyeshadow can be a beautiful and romantic choice for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day makeup looks. Pink is a soft and feminine color that can add a touch of sweetness to any makeup look. There are many shades of pink eyeshadow available, ranging from soft and subtle pastel pinks to bold and vibrant fuchsia tones. Overall, pink eyeshadow can be a beautiful choice for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day makeup looks. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can create a romantic and sweet look that......
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  • 2023 Best 12 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes
    Published by ZN February 28, 2023
    Neutral eyeshadow palettes are a collection of eyeshadows that typically contain shades of brown, beige, taupe, and other earthy tones. These shades are versatile and can be used to create a range of makeup looks, from natural and subtle to more dramatic and intense. Neutral eyeshadow palettes are a great choice for everyday wear and are especially popular for professional settings. Neutral eyeshadow palettes often contain a mix of matte and shimmery shades, which can be used to create depth and dimension in the eye makeup look. They can ......
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  • Best Eye Shadow Guide Based on Eye Shape
    Published by ZN February 28, 2023
    Knowing your eye shape can definitely help you apply makeup effectively. Different eye shapes have different features that can be accentuated or minimized through makeup techniques. By understanding your eye shape, you can create the illusion of bigger, brighter, or more defined eyes with makeup, understanding your eye shape can help you make the most of your natural features and enhance them with makeup.   Almond Eyes Almond eyes are distinguished by their slightly upswept outer corners and tapered eyelids that resemble an almond sh......
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  • Butterfly Makeup Tutorial 2023 – How To Draw Butterfly Eyes & What Eyeshadow You Need
    Published by WCY February 28, 2023
    Butterfly-inspired makeup, including butterfly eyeshadow has become increasingly popular in recent years. This type of makeup typically involves using bright, bold colors to create a multicolored butterfly shape on the eyelids, with intricate detailing and shading to give the appearance of fluttering wings. To create butterfly eyeshadow, you’ll need a few key tools and products, including a good eyeshadow palette with a range of bright colors, a small detail brush for outlining and filling in the butterfly shape, and a blending brus......
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  • Gold Eyeshadow Guide 2023 – Best Gold Eyeshadows & How To Apply
    Published by WCY February 28, 2023
    Gold eyeshadow is a versatile shade that can be worn all year round. The overall effect of beautiful gold glitter eye makeup is warm, radiant, and full of sparkle. It brings out the natural beauty of the eyes and adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any look. Although there are always new trends in eye makeup, this timeless style will always be in vogue. Gold eye makeup, in all its incarnations (from shimmery to more muted tones), is here to stay. Here is the best stunning gold eyeshadow looks to try, and tips to apply gold eyesh......
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