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  • Best Eye Makeup 2023: How To Do Daily, Parallelogram & Inverted Triangle Eyeshadow
    Published by WCY February 21, 2023
    Which eyeshadow application technique will look best on us? To be frank, there is no absolute hard and fast rule in deciding which technique enhances a particular type of eye shape. The truth is, we need to practice and have fun experimenting with different techniques, so we can find the best way to emphasize and celebrate the beauty of our features. In this eyeshadow application guide 2023, we introduce you to a few latest eyeshadow application techniques for different eyeshadow that you might want to try. Eyeshadow Application Techniq......
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  • How To Determin Your Eye Shape & What Is Your Eye Shape
    Published by WCY February 21, 2023
    There are no rules when it comes to makeup, that’s part of what makes it fun. However, creating makeup looks that are flattering to your unique features requires a true understanding of your facial structure, especially your eyes. People often say that eye makeup is the soul of your entire look. But have you ever encountered times you were baffled that your eyeshadow failed to enhance your beauty, even after following every step shown in the YouTube tutorial carefully? Why? This is because our eye shape is different. It is crucial f......
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  • Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts – 7 Things To Know When Apply Eyeshadows
    Published by WCY February 21, 2023
    Today we’re going to be showing you 7 eyeshadow dos and don’ts. If you’re having some trouble with blending or just eyeshadow in general and brushes, don’t worry, we got you! If you do any of these things that we’re saying are wrong, don’t worry. If you’re happy with it and keep doing it, we’re just giving you suggestions. Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts – 7 Things To Know When Apply Eyeshadows 1. Priming Your Eyes Don’t Don’t prime your eye. If your eyes don’t......
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  • Types of Eyeshadows (Pros & Cons) and Differences Between Power, Cream, Gel, Liquid, Pencil Eyeshadow
    Published by YL January 30, 2023
    There are various types of eyeshadow, such as powder eyeshadow and liquid eyeshadow. In this article, we will explain the types of eyeshadows and introduce the advantages & disadvantages for each type. Please use it as a reference when choosing eyeshadow! Introducing the Types of Eyeshadows and Differences Between Them There are many different types of eyeshadow, and each item has its own differences. First of all, let’s introduce the types of eyeshadows.   Powder Eyeshadow Powder eyeshadow is a powdery eyeshadow. It is a ......
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  • Eyeshadow Expiration Guide: How To Check Expiration Date, Remake Unused Eyeshadow & Store It Properly
    Published by YL January 30, 2023
    New eyeshadows are coming one after another, from new products to seasonal items. I think there are many women who just buy a palette they like, but did you know that cosmetics have an expiration date? In this article, we will introduce the expiration date of cosmetics for women and how to check them. We will also introduce how to remake unused eyeshadow and how to store it properly, so please refer to it.   Expiration Date of Eyeshadow 1 – Approximate expiration date of eyeshadow is within 3 months to 1 year if it has been op......
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  • How To Apply Single Color & Multi Color Eye Shadow – Eyeshadow Tutorial 2023
    Published by WCY January 28, 2023
    Choosing the right eye shadow can make your eyes more profound, make you look beautiful and make your facial features more three-dimensional. As one of the most popular beauty products, the eye shadow plate is also the first product of each brand every quarter. The role of eye shadow is to help us deepen the eye contour and increase the visual size of the eye. If you want to achieve this effect, take a look at this eye shadow tutorial. We will talk about applying methods of single color eye shadow and multi color eye shadow.   Eyesh......
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  • What Is The Difference Between Glitter & Matte Eye Shadow?
    Published by WCY January 28, 2023
    In terms of overall makeup, eye makeup is the most eye-catching, the most personal style, but also the most difficult to describe and handle. Whether the eye makeup is successful or not, whether it is color or texture, eye shadow has a great influence on the use of collocation. Eye shadow is divided into pearlescent and matte. Many people do not know the difference between the two types of eye shadow when they first contact with eye shadow. Today, we teach you how to choose your own eye shadow, whether glitter or matte.   Eyeshadow ......
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