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  • Things You Should About Lash Extensions – Eyelash Extensions Guide
    Published by WCY January 28, 2023
      Many people will do lash extensions, and after eyelash extensions, their eyes will be deep. And now many beauty salons have also begun to launch the service of eyelash extensions. Although eyelash extensions are very common now, there is some small knowledge about eyelash extensions that need to be understood. How about doing eyelash extensions? Will eyelash extensions hurt your eyes? The importance of eyelashes to women’s beauty accounts for a large proportion. The slender, curved, dark, flashing, and energetic eyelashes are......
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  • Powder Blusher Brush Guide: How To Choose, Clean & Use
    Published by WCY January 13, 2023
    The makeup brush is a necessary makeup tool for makeup. The choice of makeup brush is very important. Different materials and shapes have different effects. There are many kinds of powder blusher brushes. In this power blusher brush guide, everything you should know about choosing, cleaning, and using it.   What shape of powder blusher is good for brushing Different shapes of powder blusher brushes are suitable for different face types. The flat-head powder blusher brush is suitable for square faces, the oval powder blusher brush is......
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  • Animal Hair VS Artificial Fiber Makeup Brush: Which Is Better
    Published by WCY January 13, 2023
    Makeup brush is a very important tool for making up. Makeup brush is often used when making up. The choice and use of makeup brush are very important. There are many makeup brushes on the market. A high-quality makeup brush is more comfortable to use. Today, we are going to tell you the differences between animal hair and artificial fiber makeup brushes.   Do you buy animal hair or artificial fiber for makeup brushes Whether it is animal hair or man-made fiber hair, the makeup brush has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose th......
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  • How To Clean The Eye Ehadow Brush – Eyeshadow Brushes Cleaning Guide
    Published by WCY January 13, 2023
    Eye shadow brush is a common makeup tool. When eyeshadow is painted, everyone uses an eye shadow brush. Eye shadow brush can help make up better. The eye shadow is also more exquisite and beautiful. The eye shadow brush is used frequently. In this eye shadow brush cleaning guide, we share with you the best tips and tricks to clean them.   How to clean the eye shadow brush It needs to be cleaned with a special detergent. In daily life, makeup remover, makeup remover and powder can also be used to help clean. When using the eye shadow......
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  • Best Eyeshadow 2023 – Top 10 Eyeshadow That Worth Buying 2023
    Published by WCY January 13, 2023
    We all know that eyeshadow is used to make up around the eyes. It can make our eyes bigger, more beautiful, and even more attractive. Through the makeup of color and shadow, it can make the whole makeup look three-dimensional, make our eyes bright, and play the role of finishing touch. According to scientific basis, girls or boys with large eyes are more likely to attract other opposite sex. After all, a pair of bright eyes is very easy to win the favor of others. Next, we are telling you the top 10 best eyeshadow in 2023. Best Eyeshadow......
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  • What Are the Categories of Eye Shadow & What To Pay Attention to When Using Eye Shadow
    Published by ZN January 12, 2023
    Eye shadow is an essential step for girls to make up, and the choice of eye shadow in the makeup process is also a top priority. So, what are the categories of eye shadow? What to pay attention to when using eye shadow? Pearlescent Eyeshadow Pearlescent eye shadow refers to eye shadow with luster. According to the intensity of luster and the size of sequins and glitter powder, a more detailed distinction can be made, which are collectively referred to as pearlescent eye shadows here. The advantage of eye shadow with a sense of light is th......
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  • The Difference Between Powder Eyeshadow, Cream Eyeshadow and Liquid Eyeshadow, Characteristics, and How to Use Them
    Published by ZN January 12, 2023
    It’s time to compete for limited editions in various seasons. In addition to lipsticks, eyeshadows are another major force in makeup, and there are many categories. Let’s take a look at the general categories and opening methods today. Powder Eyeshadow -Features: powdery texture, easy to fall off, easy to take powder and control – Suitable for the crowd: everyone – How to use Eye shadow powder has a dry texture. When using eyeshadow powder, the best partner is a brush. It is easy to take the powder and basically does not eat p......
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