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  • Best Eyeshadow 2023 – Top 10 Eyeshadow That Worth Buying 2023
    Published by WCY January 13, 2023
    We all know that eyeshadow is used to make up around the eyes. It can make our eyes bigger, more beautiful, and even more attractive. Through the makeup of color and shadow, it can make the whole makeup look three-dimensional, make our eyes bright, and play the role of finishing touch. According to scientific basis, girls or boys with large eyes are more likely to attract other opposite sex. After all, a pair of bright eyes is very easy to win the favor of others. Next, we are telling you the top 10 best eyeshadow in 2023. Best Eyeshadow......
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  • What Are the Categories of Eye Shadow & What To Pay Attention to When Using Eye Shadow
    Published by ZN January 12, 2023
    Eye shadow is an essential step for girls to make up, and the choice of eye shadow in the makeup process is also a top priority. So, what are the categories of eye shadow? What to pay attention to when using eye shadow? Pearlescent Eyeshadow Pearlescent eye shadow refers to eye shadow with luster. According to the intensity of luster and the size of sequins and glitter powder, a more detailed distinction can be made, which are collectively referred to as pearlescent eye shadows here. The advantage of eye shadow with a sense of light is th......
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  • The Difference Between Powder Eyeshadow, Cream Eyeshadow and Liquid Eyeshadow, Characteristics, and How to Use Them
    Published by ZN January 12, 2023
    It’s time to compete for limited editions in various seasons. In addition to lipsticks, eyeshadows are another major force in makeup, and there are many categories. Let’s take a look at the general categories and opening methods today. Powder Eyeshadow -Features: powdery texture, easy to fall off, easy to take powder and control – Suitable for the crowd: everyone – How to use Eye shadow powder has a dry texture. When using eyeshadow powder, the best partner is a brush. It is easy to take the powder and basically does not eat p......
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  • 3 Best Best Year of the Rabbit Makeups – New Year Makeup Guide 2023
    Published by WCY January 11, 2023
    Lunar New Year is around the corner. This year’s Spring Festival comes earlier than usual. Are you ready for the Spring Festival? In addition to the Spring Festival OOTD, the New Year makeup guide is indispensable. Since 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. Without much to say, hurry up to change the makeup of the beautiful women in the New Year. We just want to “start from scratch” and gather good luck in the New Year! Next, in the Year of the Rabbit makeup guide 2023, sharing with you the 3 best makeup styles to celebrate t......
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  • How To Fix Broken & Cracked Eyeshadow | Shattered Eyeshadow Palette Repair Methods
    Published by YL December 27, 2022
    Powder eyeshadows can break or crack with the slightest impact, and before you know it, they are shattered in your makeup pouch. If there is a way to restore them to their original state, you can continue to use your favorite items even after they have cracked. So this time, we will introduce how to restore broken eyeshadow and how to easily remake it. Don’t throw it away! Powder Eyeshadow That Broke Into Pieces Powder eyeshadows are prone to breakage. Eyeshadows come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so it is tempting to c......
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  • How To Make Eyeshadow More Pigmented?
    Published by YL December 27, 2022
    Big eyes, small eyes, double eyelids, and single eyelids, no matter what type you are, when applying makeup, you must hope that you can have very beautiful eye makeup, shiny and attractive in various environments. But many girls must have trouble, why is my eyeshadow not pigmented? A good-looking and long-lasting eye makeup must not lack the background of eye shadow, but the lack of color of the eye shadow can easily lead to light eye makeup, as if it is not melted, or blended too quickly, easy to paste. Next, let’s take a look at ......
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  • What Is The Best Way To Apply Foundation & What Tool To Use?
    Published by WCY December 21, 2022
    Creating a beautiful look depends largely on easy-to-use makeup tools. What’s the best way to use liquid foundation? What tools are good for beginners to use on foundation? Since many people do not know whether to use a foundation makeup brush or sponge or hand when applying makeup, it is wrong to think about which is more convenient to use. Now let’s see how to apply makeup and use a foundation makeup sponge or hand.   What is the best way to apply liquid foundation? Liquid foundation on fingers Finger makeup is the mos......
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