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Eyebrow Dye Cream Guide: Uses, Benefits & Differences Between Different Eyebrow Products

September 27, 2022

What's the effect of eyebrow dye cream? In addition to the basic eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder, there is also an eyebrow dye product similar to eye black. Compared with the previous two products, eyebrow dye can fix the eyebrow shape and unify the eyebrow color. Next, let's introduce the specific functions of eyebrow dye cream and its correct use! In addition to eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder, eyebrow dye has also become one of the favorite products of beauty makers, which can create more delicate eyebrow makeup. Do you know what role eyebrow dye can play? Have you mastered the correct use of eyebrow dye? Here we talk about them.

What Is Eyebrow Dye Cream

1. Fixed eyebrow

Eyebrow dye cream is similar to eye black. The product in the tube is in the form of cream. The tube has a small brush head. When used, it can comb the eyebrows, and has strong persistence. It can brush the eyebrows with a very three-dimensional feeling, fix the eyebrow shape, and avoid the embarrassing situation of eyebrow makeup removal.

2. Unified eyebrow color

The eyebrows are similar to the hair color, while the common thrush tools are dark gray or light brown coffee color. After applying makeup, they are quite different from their eyebrows or hair color, and look slightly incongruous. However, the eyebrow dye cream can solve this problem well. Because of its rich color number, and the paste shape can be adjusted by itself, it plays the role of the same makeup feeling. For people with thick eyebrows, there is a strong sense of existence even if the eyebrows are not put on makeup. It is recommended to brush an appropriate amount of eyebrow dye after eyebrow trimming to neutralize it and reduce the sense of existence of eyebrows.

How To Use Eyebrow Dye Cream

Before using the eyebrow dye, you should first use the eyebrow pencil to outline the outline of the eyebrow, and then continue to use the eyebrow pencil or the eyebrow powder to fill the color. Pay attention to the light force, and a small amount of color.

When using the eyebrow dye cream, you should brush it against the growth direction of the eyebrows, that is, from the tail of the eyebrows to the head. This is to take care of the place covered by the eyebrows. Then brush the eyebrows from the head to the tail, smooth and shape the eyebrows, and finally repair the uneven area.

Finally, the choice of eyebrow dye should be based on the condition of your eyebrows. If the eyebrows are short, you can choose a spiral brush with a smaller brush head. If the eyebrows are long, you can choose a comb-shaped brush with a larger brush head. When choosing the color of eyebrow dye, you should pay attention to the matching with the hair color or makeup!

Difference Between Eyebrow Pencil, Eyebrow Powder & Eyebrow Dye

1. Eyebrow pencil: The eyebrow pencil is used to draw the basic eyebrow shape. No matter what the eyebrow condition is, you can use the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape first, so the eyebrow pencil is a skill that beginners must learn. The advantage of eyebrow pencils is that they can draw the three-dimensional sense of eyebrows and the natural sense with clear roots.

2. Eyebrow powder: The function of eyebrow powder is to increase the number of eyebrows, but the effect it draws is a foggy piece, without three-dimensional sense. Therefore, generally, the eyebrow powder will not be used alone but combined with the eyebrow pencil. It is suitable for people with sparse and light eyebrows. First, use the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape, and then use the eyebrow powder to partially fill it, so that the eyebrows look fuller and more layered.

3. Eyebrow dye cream: The function of eyebrow dye cream is to change the color of eyebrows in a short time, so as to make the color of the whole face more harmonious and unified. For example, if the hair color is very light, the pupil color is not dark, and the eyebrow is very dark, you can change the original eyebrow color with eyebrow dye paste, and then continue to use the same color eyebrow brush to finish the entire eyebrow shape.