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Eyeshadow Expiration Guide: How To Check Expiration Date, Remake Unused Eyeshadow & Store It Properly

January 30, 2023

New eyeshadows are coming one after another, from new products to seasonal items. I think there are many women who just buy a palette they like, but did you know that cosmetics have an expiration date?

In this article, we will introduce the expiration date of cosmetics for women and how to check them. We will also introduce how to remake unused eyeshadow and how to store it properly, so please refer to it.


Expiration Date of Eyeshadow

1 – Approximate expiration date of eyeshadow is within 3 months to 1 year if it has been opened

The approximate expiration date of opened eyeshadow is within 3 months to 1 year. When you hear this, you may feel that it is unexpectedly short. Once cosmetics are opened and exposed to air, oxidation begins. Be careful not to use oxidized cosmetics as they may cause skin irritation or odor. Eyeshadow is an item used around the eyes, so a high level of safety is required. It is important to avoid continuing to use old ones and meet the expiration date.

2 – Unopened eyeshadow is expected to expire within 3 years

If the eyeshadow is unopened, 3 years is a guideline if there is no expiration date. The Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act stipulates that “cosmetics whose quality has been stable for more than three years under appropriate conditions are not subject to the expiration date label,” and only unopened cosmetics are considered to be stable in quality for three years.

However, depending on the storage method, the quality may have deteriorated even if it is unopened for less than 3 years, so be careful when using old ones.

3 – Please note that cream type and liquid type have different expiration dates

The expiration date of cream eyeshadow and liquid eyeshadow is 6 months or less. Unlike the powder type, the cream and liquid types contain a lot of oil and are easily oxidized.

If there is a lot of moisture, it can cause germs to grow, so refrain from using old items that you don’t remember the day you opened them. Among eyeshadows, pay attention to the expiration date of cream and liquid types.


Where To Check The Expiration Date Of Eyeshadow?

In cosmetics, the expiration date is often written on the back of the package, and the specific display method is often “expiration date ◯◯◯ year ×× month” or “expiration date 20◯◯.××”.

Please note that the expiration date displayed here is the expiration date that can maintain the quality when unopened, not the expiration date after opening. Also, use up all cosmetics, not just eyeshadow, as soon as possible after opening.


What Happens When You Use Expired Eyeshadow?

1 – Using old eyeshadow can cause trouble

Even if the eyeshadow looks still usable and clean, if it has been a long time since you bought it and it has become old, germs may have grown due to exposure to air or finger touch. If you continue to use it as it is, bacteria may enter your eyes and cause inflammation, which may cause problems. In particular, the liquid type, which puts the brush or brush used in the container, is easy for bacteria to grow, so you need to be very careful.

2 – Causes poor color development and color retention and makes it difficult to finish beautifully

Continuing to use old ones can lead to deterioration of quality, poor color development and poor color retention. Some women may feel that they are using the same thing as usual, but they don’t look pretty. Using old eyeshadow that has expired can also affect the finish.

In order to maintain a beautiful finish for a long time, it is important not to continue using old ones, but to use them with a proper expiration date.

3 – Avoid using eyeshadow when it is in this state!

If you feel that the color is discolored or there is a disturbing smell, be careful and discontinue use. In addition to avoiding using old items that have passed their expiration date, even within the expiration date, the quality may deteriorate faster depending on the storage conditions.

Before using eyeshadow, make a habit of checking the quality to make sure there are no strange things and that it keeps it clean.


What To Do If You Can’t Use Eyeshadow Before The Expiration Date

1 – Eyeshadow that cannot be used up has to be disposed of drastically

We are sorry to say that there is no other use for old eyeshadow that has expired, so let’s get rid of it. You can remake it before the expiration date, but it is better to avoid remaking old eyeshadow that has expired from the viewpoint of safety. It’s reluctant to give up something that can still be used, but have the courage to dispose of it to prevent trouble.

2 – If it is within the expiration date, it can be remade into “nail polish”!

If you think, “I’m approaching the expiration date, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it up as it is…”, I recommend remaking it to nail polish before it gets old. Put crushed eyeshadow in the clear nail polish and mix it to complete the nail polish. Not only can it be done easily, but it can also be used effectively for colors that are left over from one unused color in the palette. It is also a recommended remake method for women who want to enjoy nails.

3 – Can also be used as eyebrow makeup and blush highlighting

Eyeshadow is one of the most versatile cosmetics. If it’s a color like brown or dark gray, it’s best to use it as an eyebrow. If the color is close to white and glossy, it can be used as a highlight.

In addition, you can use it as blush to create femininity. If it is an eyeshadow before it gets old, it is recommended to actively use it on various parts without narrowing down its use.

4 – Decide on your favorites by buying less

Among women’s cosmetics, eyeshadow boasts a particularly rich number of items. When a new product is released or a limited edition product is announced, many women may end up buying a new one. If you buy a lot of eyeshadow, it can cause old eyeshadow to accumulate without being used up, so one measure is to refrain from buying it in the first place. If you decide on one favorite and use it for various parts, it will be easier to use it up before it gets old.


How To Store And Use Eyeshadow To Keep It Clean

1 – When storing, avoid direct sunlight and pay attention to temperature and humidity

Not only eyeshadow, but cosmetics in general should be “stored away from places with high temperatures, humidity, drastic changes in humidity, and direct sunlight both before and after opening.” If not stored properly, it can cause quality deterioration even within the expiration date, and it can also cause trouble. Except for items that are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, the correct way to store cosmetics is to store them in a cool, well-ventilated place without sunlight.

2 – Wash your hands when painting your fingers to keep them clean

There are many invisible germs on our hands, so you need to be careful when touching them as they are. When applying eyeshadow, avoid direct contact as much as possible and use a clean brush or tip. That said, some women want to apply eyeshadow with their fingers. If you use your fingers, wash your hands before using them and keep them clean. Tools such as brushes and tips should also be cleaned frequently and used clean ones.

3 – Close the lid properly after use to protect quality

In order to protect the quality of eyeshadow and keep it clean, it is important not to use old ones, but also to close the lid properly when you are done using the item. As a basic matter, be aware that leaving the lid of the container open will cause the eyeshadow to oxidize when it comes into contact with air, causing its quality to deteriorate. Also, if the container looks dirty, wipe it clean and try to keep not only the contents but also the container clean.

4 – Appropriately observe the prescribed usage method and amount of use

Cosmetics have usage and dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Makeup products such as eyeshadow may only be roughly labeled, but most skincare products have a detailed amount of use. This is also one guideline that if you use it this way, it will be used up before the expiration date. Proper adherence to the prescribed usage method and amount used is also one way to use up cosmetics within the expiration date.


Correctly Follow The Expiration Date Of Eyeshadow And Enjoy Makeup

In this article, we explained the expiration date and storage method of eyeshadow and cosmetics, which are indispensable for women’s makeup. Using an expired eyeshadow may cause unexpected problems or prevent your makeup from looking beautiful.

Knowing the correct storage method will also help maintain quality for a long time. In order to demonstrate the original power of cosmetics, let’s enjoy makeup by properly observing the expiration date.