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How To Fix Broken & Cracked Eyeshadow | Shattered Eyeshadow Palette Repair Methods

December 27, 2022

Powder eyeshadows can break or crack with the slightest impact, and before you know it, they are shattered in your makeup pouch. If there is a way to restore them to their original state, you can continue to use your favorite items even after they have cracked. So this time, we will introduce how to restore broken eyeshadow and how to easily remake it.

Don’t throw it away! Powder Eyeshadow That Broke Into Pieces

Powder eyeshadows are prone to breakage. Eyeshadows come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so it is tempting to collect several. In particular, powder eyeshadow, which is easy to use, is a familiar item for everyone from beginners to cosmetics lovers.

The disadvantage of these popular powder eyeshadows is that they are prone to cracking. If you know how to deal with it in advance, you can use up all the shattered eyeshadow without throwing it away.

Let’s Repair Shattered Powder Eyeshadow With Easy DIY!

Cracked eyeshadows can be easily revived with items that we have around us. Moreover, it is possible to revive it into a new item depending on your ideas. Even if you haven’t used your eye shadow for a while, you can find a way to make use of it. None of these techniques are difficult, so if you think, “This could be a good idea,” feel free to try it.

Many people in the cosmetics industry are slowly becoming more and more aware of the SDGs, and are trying to eliminate the waste of cosmetics. If you want to be aware of the SDGs but don’t know where to start, simply using up all the cosmetics you have is a great sustainable practice.

There are many ways to fix and use broken eyeshadows, and we will share them with you.


How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow: Simple and Easy Method to Restore Shattered Eyeshadow to Its Original Form

Items to be prepared:

To restore shattered and broken eyeshadows to their original state, here are the items you need to prepare.

  • Cracked eyeshadow
  • Kitchen paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Pressable items (lipstick, bottle caps, etc.)
  • Lotion spray
  • Alcohol sterilization sheets
  • Cotton swabs

You do not need anything special, so you can work on it as soon as you think of it. For items that can be pressed, choose items that have a flat bottom and are as close to the size of the case as possible. If you do not have just the right item, you can use your fingers.

STEP 1 – Break broken eyeshadow into small pieces and powder them

Lay a piece of kitchen paper on the table to prevent the table from getting dirty, and prepare a piece of plastic wrap on top of it. After removing and wrapping the broken eyeshadow in the plastic wrap, gently loosen the clumps of eyeshadow and make the whole thing into a smooth powder. Check the empty case for cracks or damage, and wipe it clean with an alcohol sanitizing sheet and cotton swab. If the case is damaged, there is a high possibility that the powder will leak out later, so it is recommended to prepare a different container.

STEP 2 – Put the crushed eyeshadow back into the case and press

Put the eye shadow back into the case when it is smooth and spread it evenly with a cotton swab so that even the corners are filled without gaps. Once it is in the case, cover it with plastic wrap and press it with the flat surface of the lipstick or bottle cap you have prepared. The key is to press evenly with moderate pressure, as vigorous pressing will cause it to fall apart. Once it is somewhat prepared, finish the corners and edges of the case using a cotton swab.

STEP 3 – Spray lotion and let dry in the refrigerator

Spray the eyeshadow with a spray-type lotion and dampen lightly. Cover the eyeshadow with plastic wrap again and smooth the surface with your fingers to remove fine cracks, resulting in a more even and beautiful finish. Finally, place the product in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours to dry well, and the cracked eyeshadow will be restored.


How To Fix Cracked Eyeshadow: Simple and Easy Method to Repair Cracked Eyeshadow Palettes

Items to be prepared:

  • Cracked eyeshadow
  • Wrap
  • Lotion

When eyeshadow is cracked, it is easy to repair it by repairing only the cracks instead of shattering it. If you have inadvertently dropped it, it is recommended that you deal with the cracks as soon as possible before they spread. There are two patterns of methods depending on the powder quality of the eyeshadow, so please try them in order.

STEP 1 – Dab the cracked area from the top of the plastic wrap

Since most eye shadows are made of fine, moist powder, they can be easily restored by covering them with plastic wrap and dabbing the cracked area from above. Pressing forcefully with fingers may cause the cracks to spread, so be careful and stroke the surface gently. When the cracks disappear and are no longer noticeable, the work is complete. If it cannot be restored cleanly, try the following method.

STEP 2 – Add lotion and moisten it before patting it down

For less oily eyeshadows, it may not be possible to revive them just by smoothing them out, so try again with the lotion you have prepared. Apply a drop of lotion to the cracked area and moisten it moderately. Be careful not to use too much lotion, as it will have the opposite effect. Once the lotion has soaked into the cracked area of the eyeshadow, cover it with plastic wrap and run your fingers over it as before. The dampness will make the powder easier to handle and will solidify more firmly as it dries.


How To Remake (Use) Cracked Eyeshadows and Enjoy Them To the End?

Never get tired of remaking! There are many ways to utilize cracked eyeshadows. There are many types of eyeshadows, including dark and light colors, matte and lame types, and they can be changed into a variety of items depending on your creativity. Even if your eyeshadow doesn’t clump well, there are still uses for it, so don’t give up.

Prepare your milky lotion, moisturizing cream, Vaseline, oil, etc., and enjoy remaking your eyeshadow as soon as possible.

Loose eyeshadow|Easy and various usages

An easy way to make use of broken eyeshadows as they are is to use them as loose eyeshadows. All you have to do is break them into small pieces and transfer them to a smaller case, so this remake method is recommended for clumsy or sloppy women. When using it, take it on an eyeshadow brush or tip, being careful not to let the powder fly around. Remaking loose eyeshadow allows you to enjoy the color and texture of the eyeshadow itself as before. If you are in doubt, we recommend this method because you can use the powdered form immediately when you want to remake other shadows.

Cream eyeshadow|Produces moist and shiny eyes

Mix cracked eyeshadow with your emulsion, oil or moisturizing cream and use as a liquid or cream eyeshadow. Remove the mixture and eyeshadow to a small dish with the desired mixture and blend the powder well with a toothpick. The product is ready when it is no longer powdery and has a smooth texture. You may create your own original eyeshadow by mixing several colors or adding pearls or lame depending on your mood.

Lips and blush: Use blood-toned colors for a lively look

The best way to revive blood colors such as pinks, oranges, reds and browns is as a lip or blush. To make it into a lip, simply finger-pump the eyeshadow onto your moisturized lips. This is a simple trick that can be used even if you don’t have broken eyeshadow, so remember it to expand the range of your lip makeup. For blush, you can use it as a powder blush by taking it straight onto a brush. If you mix it with Vaseline or cream, you can use it as a cream blush and enjoy the blended color.

Eyebrow and eyeliner|Add nuanced color to the eye area

Eye shadow in a darker color can be used in place of eyebrow powder. Adding color to the eyebrow to match the eye makeup will give it a good loose look and make it look more fashionable. When using it for eyeliner, prepare a fine makeup brush. Take a small amount of cracked eyeshadow powder and blend it lightly with the back of your hand before drawing on the eyeliner. A dry brush will give a soft look, while a wet brush will give a sharp, liquid-like finish.

Mascara|Make your eyelashes slightly tinted for a fashionable look

The method of using cracked eyeshadow for eyelash makeup is recommended for those who want to enjoy color makeup easily. After applying your usual mascara or primer, dab on the eyeshadow on a cotton swab or tip before it dries. Finally, add a layer of clear mascara on top for long-lasting color. This is an easy DIY method for color mascara of your favorite color, so those who have been looking for a color that is not available on the market should try this method.

Eyeshadow Nail Polish|Enjoy a different texture

You can also try an unusual self-tanning method that takes advantage of the powdery texture and lame of cracked powder eyeshadow. A simple method is to apply cracked eyeshadow powder with a tip over a base coat and top coat. To achieve a beautiful finish, be careful not to press down on the tip but to tap it lightly. Since the powder can be washed off with your fingers, boldly apply it to the crease to achieve an even finish. If you want to enhance the coloring, apply a few more layers in the order of “eyeshadow → topcoat” over the topcoat.

Makeup for the hairline|Cover the complex by shaping the forehead

Matte dark brown eyeshadow can be used for hairline makeup to cover the forehead. It is especially recommended for people with a small amount of hair, those suffering from postpartum hair loss, or those who feel complex about the shape of their hairline. Use a large brush or puff and apply eyeshadow little by little. This will create a moderate amount of shadow, making the area of concern less noticeable and giving a smaller face effect.


Points to Keep in Mind When Repairing Broken Eyeshadow

1 – Use up early and be hygienic

After reviving a cracked eyeshadow, be careful to use it hygienically until the end. Even if you are able to revive it beautifully, it is not recommended to use it for a long period of time because the item has already been opened. In particular, be careful about mixing other items with broken eyeshadows, as they are more likely to deteriorate than using them as they are. It is advisable to use the product as much as possible on a priority basis, or to remake the amount that can be used up in one or two times.

2 – Use revived eyeshadows for home use

Please note that revived eyeshadows are not suitable for carrying around. Once shattered and broken, powder eyeshadows are more delicate than new ones, even if they can be revived by pressing. A light shock may cause it to crack again, so it is recommended to use it at home in case of emergency. Especially in summer, temperature changes are extreme, and carrying it around may cause the eyeshadow to deteriorate.

3 – Brushes are recommended for use

When using a repaired eyeshadow, use an eyeshadow brush to smooth the surface, because eyeshadow that has cracked even once is soft and tends to fall apart when force is concentrated on it. If you prefer to use a tip instead of a brush, the key is to avoid pressing it in. If you handle it with a soft touch, you will be able to use it for a long time without it falling apart.

4 – Be careful if you have rough skin

Those who suffer from acne or rough skin should be careful when using eye shadow. To avoid unexpected problems, remake methods that can be used without touching the skin are recommended. Mascara and eye shadow nail polish are recommended among the methods introduced here. Please use the method that suits you best and take good care of your broken eyeshadow until the end.


Reviving Cracked Eyeshadow in Style and Sustainability

We have introduced an easy way to revive shattered and broken eyeshadows and an easy way to remake them to use them up as completely different items. If you have eyeshadows lying around at home, please take this opportunity to try them out. Why not start a small eco-friendly habit while enjoying your daily makeup?