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Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid for Sensitive Skin

September 28, 2022

Sensitive skin is very fragile, and susceptible to a variety of factors such as skin care products, the environment and the season, a slight stimulation will cause skin flushing, red blood and itching, etc., in the choice of skin care products must be cautious, try to avoid harmful ingredients to the skin.

Which Skin Care Ingredients Are Not Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

People with sensitive skin must be cautious when choosing skin care products and cosmetics, once the selected products are not suitable, not only can not become beautiful, but also may hurt the skin, seriously leading to skin allergies. So what are the ingredients that sensitive skin can't use? Sensitive skin is not easy to choose products, this time specially to list the sensitive skin needs to avoid these 8 kinds of skin care ingredients, see if the skin care products you use contain these ingredients?

Cleansing Products

Sensitive skin should not use soap-based cleansers, the ingredients are named tetradecanoic acid or myristic acid, dodecanoic acid, lauric acid, hexadecanoic acid or palmitic acid, octadecanoic acid or stearic acid.

Soap-based cleanser has a strong cleaning ability, but as a raw material for cleansing products, in fact, it is more irritating to the skin, not to mention the sensitive skin of the population, even if ordinary skin, the use of powerful cleaning products, will also feel the skin tightness, and even have a burning sensation, so sensitive skin people, choose cleanser must avoid the ingredients of these soap-based cleansers.


Sensitive skin should not use sunscreen products containing benzophenone-3

Sensitive skin needs to choose light and breathable sunscreen products, and need to do a good job of hydrating skin care, which is due to the fact that the sunscreen itself is easy to "stuffy" the skin, the skin also needs to breathe, so only mild breathable sunscreen products are suitable for sensitive skin people.


Parabens, methyl isothiazolinone, methyl chloroisothiazolinone, bisimid alkyl urea and other preservative ingredients.

Almost all cosmetics or skin care products contain preservatives and fragrances. Although plant recipes are very safe, they are prone to spoilage, so merchants will add the right amount of preservatives to keep them fresh. If you come into contact with the skin too much, it can cause roughness and sensitivity. In addition, preservatives and fragrances easily penetrate into the skin keratin and will be inhaled into the dermis layer of the skin, causing skin inflammation. Preservatives are indispensable ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products, but when encountering the above antiseptic ingredients, sensitive skin people must avoid, if long-term use of such products, will make your skin have a burning feeling, if you have appeared this phenomenon, quickly check your skincare ingredients. 

Toner, moisturizing lotion 

Alcohol, denatured ethanol

The stratum corneum of sensitive muscles is thin, alcohol will destroy the water quality film of the skin, making the skin more sensitive and fragile, and alcohol will take away a lot of water when it volatilizes, accelerating the loss of skin moisture; in addition, camphor, menthol, Highly volatile and highly permeable ingredients such as eucalyptus oil can also aggravate skin sensitivity.

Acidic components

Glycolic acid, mandelic acid, malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid and other fruit acids, salicylic acid, A acids (retinoic acid, retinal, retinol) and other components

As you can see, some of our common acidic ingredients that are beneficial to the skin are not suitable for sensitive skin, do not feel that such ingredients are good for the skin, just try, everyone's skin type is different, to choose products suitable for their skin type, sensitive skin needs to use mild ingredients of skin care products and cosmetics, this road we do not slack.

Essential Oil

Pure oil

Oils are highly penetrating and may be intolerant to sensitive skin, so avoid using essential oils. Essential oils have a small molecular weight and good permeability, and at the same time bring a natural aroma, which is favored by many young women. However, the use of essential oils is very particular, and the wrong way of use may have certain negative effects on the skin. Try not to choose skin care products containing essential oils for sensitive skin, so as not to cause secondary damage to the delicate skin.

Artificial coloring

Long-term use of skin care products containing pigmented ingredients can increase the burden on the skin, resulting in damage to the skin barrier and recurring skin problems.

Daily perfume

The fragrance is a mixture of a variety of natural, and artificial fragrances, containing complex chemical components, will cause irritation to the skin, long-term use will cause dermatitis and aggravate skin sensitivity, so sensitive skin chooses unscented or natural fragrance products.

If you are not sure whether a product is more irritating to the skin, sensitive skin in the use of new products, it is best to test it behind the ear or wrist first, after some time there are no adverse symptoms and then apply to the face. As soon as skin problems occur, stop using skin care products immediately.

Skincare ingredients for sensitive skin

To choose skin care products, we need to start from the ingredients and understand the basic formula composition, so that we can find the skin care effect that our skin needs most. For example, the following are some common skincare ingredients.

  • 1. Moisturizing: hyaluronic acid, amino acid, glycerin, vitamin B5, squalane

  • 2. Anti-aging and antioxidant: vitamin E, yeast, retinol, astaxanthin, peptides, boson

  • 3. Whitening and lightening: vitamin C, nicotinamide, oligopeptide, arbutin, tranexamic acid

  • 4. Repair and maintain stability: Centella asiatica, chamomile, calendula, purslane

People with sensitive skin need to pay more attention to skin repair, you can consider products containing calendula, squalane, astaxanthin, ceramide and other ingredients, which have a good effect on repairing damaged skin and protecting the skin barrier.