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  • How is eyeshadow made? —Eyeshadow Production Process
    Published by Ax April 22, 2022
    Are you curious to know the secret of eyeshadow? Have you wondered how eyeshadow is made? Eyeshadow is a high-rated ornamental that stands out in the request with numerous colour and unique forms. It brightens, lightens and make your eyes look stunning. The after- sense of eyeshadow can be bettered by using different blending and shading ways. The riddle behind elegant multicoloured eyeshadow is colorful colors and plums which are used in their medication. Otara color manufacturer has a wide range of ultra expensive quali......
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  • How to choose a good makeup manufacturer?
    Published by Ax April 15, 2022
    COMPANY ADVANTAGES 1.TO BE INNOVATIVE BASE ON SELF ADVANTANGE AND MARKET TREND, TO BE UPGRADED OR IMPROVED BASE ON MEETING CUSTOMER NEEDS Our company pays attention to the new formula of the cosmetics market, and always achieves: · Quickly grasp the trend of color makeup, highly sensitive to international market dynamics; sample the latest formula products on the market every quarter and optimize; · Rapid response to the customer's new development needs and customize the product formula to the best plan......
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  • Tortoise shell eyeshadow palette
    Published by Ax April 12, 2022
    Tortoise shell eyeshadow palette.www.otaracosmetics.com.U can choose different printing,like the Leopard one
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  • Have You Ever Wondered How Makeup Is Made?|Otara Cosmetics Manufacturer
    Published by Ax April 7, 2022
    Have You Ever Wondered How Makeup Is Made?|Otara Cosmetics Manufacturer   Cosmetics are big business. In North America alone, they spend about $35 billion annually on mascara, foundation, lipstick and all the rest. Clearly, the art of artifice sells. However, the former popularity of lead and mercury used in makeup underscores the reason the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays at least some role in regulating the safety and purity of cosmetics. These days, manufacturers use ingredients judged safe for human conta......
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  • selected raw material VS low quality material
    Published by Ax March 30, 2022
    Otara eyeshadow VS other eyeshadow ①fine powder VS coarse powder ②selected raw material VS low quality material That's why Otara powder is more blendable,even,high-pigmented and smudge free.
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  • High Pigment Eyeshadow Palettes
    Published by Ax March 24, 2022
    High Pigment Eyeshadow Palettes, Long Lasting OEM Eyeshadow at Otara Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.,  the finished products have to go through a detailed inspection process to  ensure only 100% of qualified products are delivered to customers. 
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  • 3-in-1 cream palette
    Published by Ax March 22, 2022
    You can also customize 3-in-1 cream palette, providing a simple way to enhance your cheeks, lips, and eyes. 
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